A case says more than 1,000 words

The companies, organisations and public institutions that we work together with cover the entire construction industry from design architects and shopfitters, via project engineers and contractors, to developers and operators. Some of our customers purchase software and hardware from us, while others make use of our consulting and other services. However, most of them use us as a partner who provides advice and consulting about methods and processes in areas such as OpenBIM and opportunities for using small, cheap, flexible programs. We also help them focus on core competencies so they can let others take care of surveying, coordination, quality assurance etc.

At BIM Equity we are fortunate that our clients allow us to become part of their projects. From supporting the architectural studio, user involvement, pilot projects and whitepapers for quality assurance, to digitisation and surveying as a service, finding solutions together that contribute to better projects is what strengthens your business.

We know that BIM is smart and effective, but we also know that BIM can be difficult and complex. Sometimes the best solution is to ask for help or to get someone to take a fresh look at things and assess which fruit are ripe for picking.

Implementation of BIM is a continuous process in which new tools and methods contribute to continued optimisation and new opportunities for services.

Take a look at the small selection of clients and projects below, and read about some of the areas in which BIM Equity is active…



POLYFORM is an architectural studio that has an attitude towards architecture and the people in it. Projects range from landscape design to buildings and the studio is currently experiencing major growth. BIM – and OpenBIM in particular – are part of POLYFORM, as they strengthen collaboration across professional disciplines and software platforms. Words such as BIM Server and IFC exchange have therefore become a natural part of the employees’ vocabulary. Better collaboration and communication means better projects and happier residents and users. Find out more here >>


New North Zealand Hospital is employing virtual reality technology to optimize construction, user involvement and more. Find out more >>

In-fill building in Aarhus Denmark, 2014

Bønnelycke and Constructa are working closely together as architect and engineer – on the same BIM Server! Read more >>

CGJ 06 Small

CG Jensen are using BIM for modeling and structure calculation, directly applicable on site. Read more >>

HC Rørdam

Architect HC Rørdam is a one-man-army who is able to manage larger tasks with the help of BIM. To make the most of BIM, BIM Equity provides a model of existing conditions, so that HC can focus on his area of expertise. Find out more here >>


When 800 students each year work with BIM at the School of Engineering in Aarhus, they do so using a shared BIM Server, where all projects are shared between students and teachers. Read more >>


BIM is 2D drawings and 3D models, but for ISAGER Architects it is also energy calculations as simulation. Sustainability is taking on more and more importance for architects, while increasing demands are being made for qualified answers to modern energy design. Find out more here >>


Ninety per cent of construction projects exceed their timeframe or price. JUUL | FROST shows how quality assurance makes it possible to deliver a university building faster and cheaper than expected. Find out more here >>


kommadesign delivers design for retail and exhibitions. With BIM, complex solutions can be more easily communicated to the customer and produced based on the 3D model. Find out more here >>

Panum 01 Mini

The University of Copenhagen uses OpenBIM Studio to renovate laboratories at Panum. Find out more >>


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