JUUL | FROST Architects go 100% BIM in Örebro

Örebro in Sweden is currently undergoing a comprehensive development with massive investment in the campus area and homes, among other things. As the winners of the campus development competition for the University, JUUL | FROST Architects (JFA) are an integral part of Örebro’s comprehensive development process. As part of this process, JFA is responsible for the development and project design of a new Business Science Centre, student and researcher housing, and also a new School of Business building containing a large auditorium for teaching and for the university’s official ceremonies.

The School of Business is a one-hundred per cent BIM project in which all development, design, engineering and subsequent operation takes place in accordance with BIM principles. To enable everyone involved to participate in the project’s development and ongoing progress, JUUL I FROST uses the IFC format as an open exchange platform. This not only makes the actual development process easier and dialogue-based, but also ensures that all building data is future-proofed, which is of great importance to the building’s operation and maintenance.

Weekly exchanges / fortnightly Skype sessions
Early in the process the parties saw that a weekly exchange process suited the project’s nature and size. As a coordination tool they use Solibri Model Checker, as this is a free viewer that works on all platforms. With this viewer, all of the consultants can identify the challenges the team is facing and comment on them.

The comments are then exported via BCF and added to the common model, so that an overview is created for everyone at the next exchange session. One of the advantages of BCF is that all the comments are gathered in a model, instead of the involved parties having to compare an Excel sheet for each consultant or a similar solution.

Throughout the project design phase, a Skype meeting every fortnight followed the exchange of the common model. At these meetings, the project team assessed the project’s progression “face-to-face” and navigated around the model together. This meant that both project-related and technical modelling changes and procedures could be agreed on. Throughout the whole process, this was combined with the face-to-face meetings that the development and design team held as and when required.

Knowledge sharing creates progress
Because consultants are usually unwilling to share unfinished work, in the case of the school of business project an agreement was made stating that all of the consultants involved would export their models as snapshots – and that everyone was aware that they would be seeing work in progress models from the other consultants. For this reason, only selected areas in the models were validated.

The School of Business at Örebro University was inaugurated in October 2015.

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