kommadesign – retail solutions with the help of BIM

kommadesign has more than 15 years of experience in the field of retail solutions, product design and development, showrooms and exhibition design. Among kommadesign’s customers you can find international companies such as Adidas, Timberland, Menu, Sony, Egetæpper and Vifa Denmark.

For Egetæpper’s 75th anniversary, kommadesign developed a showroom for the company’s museum that tells the story of the company from its beginning in 1938 until the present day. Kommadesign was responsible for the entire project – from the initial idea development via production/installation to producing content such as graphics and video. Like all of kommadesign’s projects, this task was resolved with the help of BIM, which has ensured that the process and realisation has taken place with close customer contact, in which Egetæpper has been given a realistic picture of how their anniversary room would look from the very beginning of the process. But how does a company like kommadesign view BIM technology in general and ARCHICAD in particular as a software tool.

Nicolai Aaboe owns the company that he founded in 2009 and now acts as its concept developer. The company operates in a highly competitive market, so it is critical to have focus on tasks and quality control of the process as a whole, especially in regard to kommadesign’s own workflow. Nicolai Aaboe says that: “In this market it is essential that we use our resources effectively and productively, so everyone gets the most out of it. And BIM technology has a very positive effect on our work.”

Four phases
To be able to offer national as well as international clients the best solutions at the right price, kommadesign has developed their own model for how they take care of tasks. The method consists of four main phases: 1) Idea, 2) Insight, 3) Idea development and 4) Implementation, where the idea becomes reality.

“When we reach the idea development phase together with our clients, the BIM technology really begins to come into its own. At the initial visualisation meetings we already give our clients a quick general view of what they will be getting, which gives them some peace of mind in regard to the finished project,” says Nicolai Aaboe. “By sketching directly in ARCHICAD together with the client, any proposed amendments are quickly incorporated and form a new basis for the next stages of the process. This means easier and closer dialogue with clients. ARCHICAD also ensures that a common understanding of the project and its progress is created in a simple way.”

ARCHICAD is a strong program
Smaller companies are often reluctant to get involved with BIM technology. Nicolai Aaboe refutes this: “ARCHICAD is incredibly intuitive and simple to work with. It contains virtually all the facilities we need in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients. It is a very efficient and fast program with a fully-fledged visualisation module that covers our needs. In addition, one of the crucial differences in BIM technology is that it uses intelligent objects already during the sketching phase. Thanks to the intelligent objects, there is much less work later in the process, which saves us a lot of resources in terms of rendering and cost estimates. When you have specified the overall framework for a given project at a client meeting, it is very easy to extract precise quantities and quickly provide the customer with an financial estimate that is very close to reality.”

“All-in-all, I must say that ARCHICAD is a very powerful program and there is a lot to be won going one-hundred per cent BIM. Both for larger and smaller companies,” concludes Nicolai Aaboe.

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