The strongest team of professional consultants

For BIM Equity, good advice and consultancy is about having the right professionals with experience of real construction projects, which ensures that the client’s needs are met with understanding. We have a team that are not only professional experts (and nerds), but also technical nerds who are really passionate about BIM.

Below you can find information about the staff at BIM Equity and their contact information. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to have an informal chat about your opportunities and challenges…

Anders 02

Sales and licensing – talk to Anders. Find out more >>

Bram 02

Technical expertise and extreme professional nerding. – Meet Bram. Find out more >>

Charlotte 02

More than 20 years of experience with BIM – not many people apart from Charlotte Metz can say the same. Find out more >>

Jeppe 02

When BIM is called VDC, Jeppe is the person you need to get hold of. Find out more >>

Jonas 02

Jonas was the one who started it all! – Meet our CEO. Find out more >>

Karl 02

Karl Abromeit is an experienced BIM coordinator. Find out more  >>

Milad 02

Revit-modelling, surveying and algorithmic design are Milad Tokhi in a nutshell.  Find out more >>

Nis 02

Structure, databases, digitisation and operation/maintenance are Nis’ core competencies. Find out more >>

Pawel 03

Everything to do with communication – that’s Pawel. Find out more >>

Thomas 02

If it’s sketching you are asking about, then Thomas Graabæk is your man. Find out more >>

Nymann 02

Courses, support, surveying and GDL programming is where you will meet Thomas Nymann. Find out more >>

Xandra 02

If you want to get in touch with our bookkeeping or reception, then Xandra is the person you need. Find out more >>