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We ensure your project enjoys the benefits of BIM

Good BIM intentions often get marginalised when other problems need taking care of during the project. This is true for consultants, contractors and developers – all of them are $accomplices when the common goal is not achieved. – No one is interested in building a bad building or failing to meet the expected price or delivery date.

Focus is required to keep track of the technical workflows and whether they function as intended, so that BIM can help to save time, eliminate errors and provide an overview of quantities. That in turn means you can avoid the annoying consequences of lack of ICT management, such as errors at the construction site and missing items in tenders. Both are something which the team of consultants can be held liable for subsequently!

Good ICT management ensures that the contractual basis – including ICT/CAD/BIM agreements – set the bar at a realistic level where all parties involved in the project can be involved, while you at the same time reap the benefits of BIM without meaningless extra work.
This requires that the ICT manager focuses on collaborative processor that are validated with workshops from the beginning, so the parties slowly get used to exchanging, coordinating, quality assuring and correcting errors from the start of the collaboration. This gives a frictionless collaboration and substantially larger value from quality assurance.

The ICT manager is a resource who must ensure the best possible collaboration, but also someone with reporting obligations to the developer, who must, of course, ensure the necessary progress in the project. In other words, this is a role which requires diplomatic skills!

The ICT manager has a very close collaboration with the design management. During the final stages he or she will focus on ensuring good operational material for the developer’s or entrepreneur’s FM system.

BIM Equity is always ready to help by taking on the ICT manager role or providing assistance to the project’s ICT management. This could be in the form of sparring on CAD/BIM agreements and manuals, workshops about collaboration across disciplines – and perhaps across software platforms. Our strength lies in being able to go after the ball and the lowest hanging fruits for value creation on the project – and in avoiding extra work for the consultants and the contractor.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about good ICT management and how BIM Equity can help ensure BIM becomes a platform for collaboration for your project.

Jeppe 02

Jeppe Mosen Bjerg would be a good bet as ICT manager with his experience from both NCC and Henning Larsen. Jeppe’s focus is VDC, which of course requires good project material from the consultants. Which in turn requires good ICT management.

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Bram 02

Bram Andersen has extensive experience of coordinating and quality assurance, as well as the exchange of IFC, which is a key part of good project material. This technical knowledge makes Bram a great resource for the ICT manager.

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Nis 02

Nis Boile Christensen focuses on operating data, which is where the greatest benefits of BIM and ICT management lie. It is a question of the developer defining the success criteria for the subsequent operation very early in the process.

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