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We know what’s involved in getting the full benefits of BIM.

There are many factors to take into account when establishing the basis of a good project, a good collaboration or a good environment for the technical part of a company in the construction industry. But with the proper ICT decisions and an implementation strategy, you will already be well on the way.

When does classification provide value? Is it a bad idea for the design team to have different software platforms? Does the IFC format function without problems? Which programs provide the greatest benefit in relation to the investment? How do we upskill our employees? Does everyone need to use BIM? How do you get the best results with digital construction sites? What’s the best way to utilise 2D drawings? How should professional models be structured? Who should be in charge of quality assurance? How do we ensure that we do not end up being held responsible? Does project web always have to be so cumbersome? How little BIM can we make do with without compromising on ICT regulations? With so many errors at the construction site, can I be sure that consultants have used BIM?

There are many elements of digital construction that require the technical expertise that BIM Equity’s employees possess. With a huge amount of experience distributed among a range of professionals who have worked as consultants, contractors and software developers for many years, as well as a nerdy enthusiasm for BIM, you will not find anyone else capable of providing better advice and consultancy about ICT for the construction industry.

Our combination of consultancy and negotiating the technology that makes it possible, as well as delivering projects as a service, means that we have all the knowledge you need to be able to ensure your company builds its ICT experience on best practice.

Contact us if you want to drink a cup of coffee with us and hear about our vision of BIM and the possibilities for your business, or whether your project can benefit from more BIM…

Thomas 02

Thomas Graabæk has many years of experience with BIM, OpenBIM, The Digital Building and ICT regulations. Thomas teaches BIM workflow and holds lectures on new forms of collaboration. He has been involved in implementing BIM at many architectural and design studios.

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Charlotte 02

Charlotte Metz has extensive experience with BIM implementation and loves delivering perfect projects in ARCHICAD and Revit. Charlotte has delivered BIM models for hospital building, where ICT requirements are very strict.

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Karl 02

Karl Abromeit has experience with big international BIM projects, among other things from his time as BIM Coordinator at MTH, COWI and Orbicon. There are very few people who are as happy to see an ICT agreement as Karl.

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