OpenBIM Studio


Virtual prototypes in full scale


See all the things that you do not see in technical drawings and beautiful visualisations

OpenBIM Studio is a completely new way of experiencing construction projects – long before they are realised. OpenBIM Studio results in more informed dialogue processes, design processes and also user-involvement processes, all of which ensure that all parties take ownership of the project. The tool is intended for construction industry professionals, but it is just as relevant for non-professional developers and end-users, as here a realistic experience is much more valuable than flat floor plans, spreadsheets and visualisations.

When a building is completed, it sometimes turns out that the solutions which the architects and engineers devised, worked much better on paper than in reality. Sometimes it is obvious that the solutions have not been tested in model studies, simulated in 3D or just thought through properly. Errors only become obvious when developers and users take over the building – but then it is far too late to alter any fundamental design errors. Large and expensive projects therefore often build mock-ups – model cross-sections in full scale – to ensure that all of the parties understand the proposed solution. OpenBIM Studio creates an early understanding of the project’s qualities and identifies any inexpedient aspects, giving the team of consultants and other parties the opportunity to correct them before the workmen begin at the construction site.

OpenBIM Studio is a 3D cinema with a 180-degree view that provides an experience of being inside the completed building. It provides an opportunity to try out different design proposals and also to test spatiality, colours and distances – in fact, all the things that must function in the daily lives of the end users.

OpenBIM Studio can be used for:

  • User involvement processes
  • Qualification
  • Project presentations
  • Analyses

OpenBIM Studio project presentations give a realistic impression that is much stronger than cardboard models and visualisations – and cheaper than mock-ups. It is a realistic, virtual presentation that ensures the project design is exactly as users wish. It can be used for qualification of outline proposals. You can experience a building’s impact on the existing urban space, test the workflow in an operation room, visit a child care centre from the perspective of someone who is 90cm high, or take a trip into the future as a wheelchair user in a nursing home.

In other words, OpenBIM Studio provides a realistic impression of how daily life will look when a given building is completed. With OpenBIM Studio you can also test different interior design or furnishing proposals before developers, consultants and coming users decide on a solution.

As we all know, the design errors can have major financial consequences. Today the increasing complexity of buildings and the increased level of costs lead to a need for new tools to validate the form, function and technology to create buildings that live up to expectations on all levels. OpenBIM Studio now makes the same digital tools accessible for the construction industry as the car and aircraft industry have been using for years when designing, developing and testing ideas and solutions virtually. OpenBIM Studio is a tool that makes it possible to build more effectively and cheaper – without compromising on the quality of the building.

BIM Equity facilitates presentations and user involvement in OpenBIM Studio, so you forget about the technology and focus on the project. BIM Equity is at the same time a competent partner. We offer consultancy, technology and services that bring the project safely to completion – in terms of design technique, visualisation, coordination, quality assurance and BIM-based operation and maintenance. The project is thus thought out correctly from the beginning and followed all the way to completion with a focus on minimising errors, delays and unforeseen costs along the way – from initial sketch to operation and maintenance.

OpenBIM Studio as service
BIM Equity delivers a total OpenBIM Studio experience. All we need from you is a 3D or BIM model that we can optimise for use in OpenBIM Studio. Our pricing therefore takes account of the preparation of the 3D model, so the price only reflects the amount of time you need to use OpenBIM Studio. One hour of OpenBIM Studio use costs DKK 2,990. BIM Equity offers a 2015 introduction discount with a multi-use voucher for OpenBIM Home Studio:

  • 5 x 3 hours OpenBIM Studio use: DKK 38,800
  • 10 x 3 hours OpenBIM Studio use: DKK 72,200
  • 10 x 6 hours OpenBIM Studio use: DKK 119,900

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“Experiencing a project 1:1 - where the body and the space is included - results in a totally different understanding of the solutions. The feedback is much more valuable than the feedback you get from drawings or large screens”

Jonas N. Salih, Adm. Direktør / CEO



You need to experience OpenBIM Studio before you can really understand the value it creates for a project. Being able to experience the 3D model in 1:1 gives an immediate insight into the solutions that have been developed. The technology ensures that your experience is life-like even though the model is maybe low on detail, because depth and perspective are experienced as being real effects. See our video on OpenBIM Studio here.



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