BIM based laser surveying


Delivery of project-ready models

BIM Equity offers BIM-based laser measurements, mainly for sketching, planning and operation / maintenance. The survey is submitted as a BIM project in IFC format or as Revit or ARCHICAD file so the recipient can work directly with the project without further processing.

With a BIM-based surveying geometry is often corrected so that advisors can work easily work with the model. However, it is possible to select which specific areas of a building you want corrected, and the extent of alignment. The same principle applies to the level of detail and the amount of measured building parts cab can be tailored for the recipient’s needs.

We use a surveying system Flexijet4BIMm, which makes it possible to build the model on site – directly into the program BIM – by means of a laser measuring device, which is coupled to a wireless computer. On major tasks we use connected computers which allows the whole surveying team  simultaneously measure into the same model. In this way, choosing BIM-skilled professionals along the way, exactly how BIM project to be designed.

Information in each object is a major part of BIM. With architects and construction engineers being responsible for the measurements it is possible to put essential information in the model – a knowledge that creates value for operation and maintenance.

Because of the wide variety in how much is to be registered on site, the price of a surveying vary greatly. Therefore we always provide a fixed price of measurements based on a thorough inspection of the building and a dialogue regarding how the model is to be used subsequently. On several assignments for the same client it is possible to get a fixed price per square meter for each measurement. This could be the case with houses or shops.

If you only need the lowest hanging fruits it’s not that expensive measure walls, decks, roofs, windows, doors, stairs and head structures (ARC + CON), while installations (MEP) – especially suspended ceilings – can be a costly affair. But like so much else, it is often what is expensive to register, which subsequently provides the most value.

BIM Equity has extensive experience with BIM from first sketch to operations and maintenance, and are willing to participate in an analysis of how to get the most for your money with a BIM-based survey / registration. We can carry out the survey along with the consultants, if it is beneficial and we also sell hardware and software that makes it possible.

A final option for complex digital measurements, is to combine on site laser measurement with digitization from 2D drawings, through our partner, Aidea, the Philippines. This makes it possible to give the best price on a large survey, where the drawings are of varying quality.

"BIM-based surveying is not just a question of providing a laser scanner, and pressing a button. At BIM Equity trained professionals build an accurate BIM model according to the customers wishes in order to ensure that all relevant data is included in the model.”

Nis Boile Christensen, responsible for FM & Digitization



As an architect, the basis for the drawings is vital. If your process is based on BIM, it makes sense to create a valid basis in BIM, where the level of detail reflects the requirements of the design project. BIM Equity delivers BIM-based laser-surveying in all scales and levels of detail, from single-family homes to laboratory buildings with extensive installations.



Store are often rebuilt, and every inch counts. Timeframes for the refurbishments are very tight leaving no room for errors because of inaccruate drawing material.

BIM Equity provides store surveying at a fixed price where we deliver a BIM model with the precise details our clients demand.




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