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Twinmotion is not like most visualisation programs that create images or animation. Rather, what Twinmotion creates is simulations of spaces, towns and countryside that you can explore on your own. The scene is rendered while you experience the model, so you can therefore choose where to go, which direction to look, what time of year and time of day you want to view. –You can even select a phase of the construction process if it is of interest to you.

Once the model is imported from ARCHICAD, Revit, 3dsMAX, Rhino or Sketchup etc., surfaces are “painted” on and the surrounding landscape is built-up. People who walk, stand, talk, drive cars or ride bikes are added in lanes that bring the scene to life. You can choose how much wind should blow in the trees and create waves, but also the time of year and the time change the model. – And the user can change this along the way!

During winter snow falls, while in the autumn leaves fall – when the sun goes down lights are switched on in buildings, street lamps and on cars and bicycles.
The model is easy to set up as scenes and it is possible to save everything in one file that can be sent to clients or users. A number of simple buttons in the user interface allows the user to navigate around in the model, but also to change the date, time and construction phase.

It requires a powerful computer – like those needed to play the latest computer games – but can still run on a laptop. Twinmotion is currently only available for Windows. It can therefore be a good idea to test the free version before you buy.


Twinmotion can directly import a wealth of file formats (DWG, FBX, DAE, SKP, C4D and LI3)


Twinmotion contains a variety of materials, adjustable light sources and more than 500 objects to make your scene come to life.


Select between different vegetation and terrain profiles from deserts to mountains with the opportunity to shape the surroundings by raising or lowering the surface and “painting” with materials.


Regulate the camera’s depth of field, vignette and lens flare. Choose the colour of the scene or add a filter such as “White Model”, “Black & White” or “Sketch”.



The latest version of Twinmotion contains a lot of new features, while retaining the essence of the program: Beautiful animations in real-time. With Twinmotion 2016, it’s even easier to send the model out to clients.

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