Your cloud-based collaborative platform

Bluebeam Studio is a web platform for collaboration where users can upload files, share them and edit them simultaneously from either Bluebeam Revu or from the free version Bluebeam Vu.

You get automatic access to Bluebeam Studio if you have a license for Bluebeam Revu and all types of files up to 1 GB apiece can be uploaded. Up to 5,000 documents can be part of one “session”, during which as many as 500 participants can collaborate on the same document. The person who starts a session administers invitations and who has access to which documents. The invited users are notified of changes via email.

SSecurity is top notch and all changes are saved and documented for later use (after all, this is intended for the construction industry). At the construction site, the files can be accessed from Bluebeam to iPad.

There are no space restrictions and all file types can be uploaded to a “project”. Though only PDF files can be included in a “session”.



Get an overview of what collaboration in “real time” means in the construction industry. See how two people can work at the same time in the same document and share all types of documents between themselves.



“Projects” is the term for uploading and sharing documents via Bluebeam Studio. You can invite others to participate in the project – also without a license to Revu – but via the free Bluebeam Vu. You can work together on projects even though you are offline. Construction is all about collaboration. Bluebeam Studio makes it easy to collaborate on open file formats like PDF.



“Session” is the term used for the collaboration process in Bluebeam Studio. This is where as many as 500 people can comment and view each other’s changes while they are being made — everything is saved and documented along the way…


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