Cloud Client



50% app + 50% cloud service = full surveying system for smaller companies

Surveying is not just about registering and specifying a building or some rooms. It is also very much about passing on information and knowledge.

OrthoGraph Cloud Client is an app for Android or iOS that allows you to easily sketch rooms and then add specific measurements, e.g. with a handheld laser device that can communicate wirelessly with the program on your tablet. But it is also a cloud service where projects are shared in the cloud and can flow between employees without you losing knowledge or having to repeat measurements several times.

By doing a 3D survey with intelligent objects that contain properties and information, as well as attaching photos from the site, the risk of missing information is minimised and the cost of repeated surveys is eliminated.

BIM is very much a question of collaboration and knowledge exchange and Cloud Client is a 100% full-blooded BIM program, even though it runs on iPads and Android tablets. Drawings can be printed or exported as PDF/DWG and 3D-models are exported to IFC or directly to ARHICAD via a plugin.

When coupled with cloud-based project management, the system becomes much stronger than just a surveying program. You can model the changes or modifications that you agreed on with the client, and you can share them with the workmen over the internet.

There are several different packages of Cloud Client depending on how large a solution a company needs. There are special licenses with different functions and rights, for example for apprentices. This ensures a good workflow in the system, while at the same time avoiding having too many features that can make the program complicated to use.



One program that can do SO much – and do it on an iPad or Android tablet! Recognise sketches, create rooms, measure rooms with diagonals, wireless coupling to hand held readers, modelling of curved walls, navigation in 3D, doors/windows with property data (BIM), fixtures and furnishings, attach photos from the site, export to CAD (DWG), BIM (IFC + ARCHICAD) and PDF, as well as large extracts and inventories. It’s BIM on a tablet!


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