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Laser surveying directly to BIM

Architecture is located in its surroundings and renovation projects are particularly dependent on the existing conditions. When the BIM project is initiated, it can be done on the basis of scanned 2D drawings or 2D-CAD, but the result will never be better than the quality of the basic material.

With a laser survey of existing conditions, the work begins on sketching and designing on a precise basis and with a large amount of information already in place. Flexijet4BIMm is a system that combines hardware and software: A motorised laser surveyor and a plugin for ARCHICAD.

With Flexijet4BIMm, BIM is constructed like you would have done it in the office, but instead of pointing with a mouse, it places the building elements by pointing with the laser reader. An even and vertical wall is placed with e.g. two random points on the wall. The BIM software extends the wall’s elongation until it meets abutting walls and controls the height between the floor and ceiling. A door is placed in the wall by using the laser to point to the door sides, top, and a point on the floor, which indicate the direction the door is placed in.

In contrast to laser scans, which create point clouds with millions of points – and information overload – the number of measurement points is managed according to what is assessed necessary for the project. A straight/vertical wall requires two points, a slanted wall 3 points, a circular wall three points – and combinations of these require additional measuring points depending on how many sub-surfaces are deemed necessary. – However, as the recipient of the BIM project most often wants a simple model in which small irregularities have been corrected, Flexijet4BIMm is the perfect match.

With Flexijet4BIMm, only the relevant elements are measured that you wish to use in the continued work in the BIM project. It is easy to exclude furnishings, parts of installations, curtains, messy desks, and light partitions etc. that are not important for the recipient. This is in marked contrast to point cloud scans, where the building must be cleared in advance to the level that is required for the scan.

With a point cloud scanning the result is only points, which can then be used to model the BIM-project. That is equivalent to half of a measurement with Flexijet4BIMm, as this also contains the modelling of BIM. With expert manning of Flexijet4BIMm, the relevant information and properties can be added to the building elements on site, so that they can be read in the rest of the BIM project’s lifetime.

Flexijet4BIMm is therefore the fastest method for creating BIM, but only with the relevant measurement points and the information and properties that you want to add to the model.



FFlexijet4BIMm is a simple system with tremendous value due to the speed with which measurements can be completed in the BIM project in one workflow. By consolidating registration and modelling for the same person on site, the model’s consistency is ensured, along with all relevant elements of the building, equipment, installations etc. becoming part of the BIM project, ready for the subsequent following sketching, design or operation.



BIM Equity provides surveying registered with Flexijet4BIMm and modelled on the spot. The price depends on the size of the project, its complexity, level of detail and the quantity of building elements that need to be registered and classified, as well as the file format that the model is to be delivered in (IFC, PLN, RVT etc.).


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