Floor Plan



On the spot surveys

An ocean of time is spent on surveying construction projects of all sizes. With a simple and precise tool you can save time and also ensure that the basic material you require has the necessary quality.

OrthoGraph Floor Plan is an app for Android or iOS that makes it easy for you to sketch rooms and then add specific measurements – for example with a handheld laser device that can communicate wirelessly with the program on your tablet.

Although Floor Plan is easy and fast to use, precision is top-quality and it is possible to create simple extracts of floor or wall areas along with inventories directly on your tablet. This means that smaller quotes can be given while you with the client.

As the survey builds an intelligent BIM project in 3D, you can immediately access a 3D-model of existing conditions or perhaps a planned modification. The model can be exported to other BIM programs via IFC or directly to ARCHICAD via a special plugin. That’s OpenBIM!

The program comes with an object library with windows, doors, surface materials and miscellaneous fixtures, so the model can quickly become detailed and much more functional. But the user is the one who determines the level of detail required for each project.

Older buildings with unusual angles are quickly assured with the help of diagonal measurements and rooms are linked at the doorways. The survey can be carried out internally or externally, but Floor Plan is best suited to “raised planes” and not to roof or ceiling constructions.

The entire drawing material with planes and extracts can be set up and exported to PDF or printed directly from the program. Floor Plan is thus a complete BIM solution.



Orthograph Floor Plan is ideal for surveying smaller construction projects, and it’s so intuitive to use that you won’t believe it until you see it…


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