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Advanced energy calculation doesn’t have to be complicated

Energy and sustainability are becoming an increasingly important part of architecture and many developers have requirements for a building’s energy design. EcoDesigner Star is an extension of ARCHICADs built-in energy calculator. It makes it possible to calculate the energy consumption per room, the energy gain per window and carry out thermal bridge calculations directly on the basis of your 2D details in ARCHICAD.

If a building’s design has to be optimised for low energy consumption, it is necessary to continuously calculate energy from the very first sketches. Each time the building’s design or installations are altered, the energy calculation can be updated in seconds, while at the same time building knowledge about the project.

More new buildings are being certified for sustainability. In Denmark we mostly meet DGBN, LEED and Passivhus. EcoDesigner Star has automated part of the workflow for “baseline” calculations and can export directly to PHPP format. Hence the name “Star”!

While the built-in energy calculator in ARCHICAD is simplified for use by architects, EcoDesigner Star is intended for architects who are used to working with energy and, in particular, for engineers who want to work on BIM-based energy simulation directly in the 3D model.

The calculation engine in EcoDesigner Star comes from Strusofts VIP Energy and is both fast and accurate. Quantities – such as the building envelope’s surface area – are taken directly from the model geometry, while U-values are read from the shading that is installed in the building elements cross section. So EcoDesigner Star can read your drawings, which is also the reason why the thermal bridge calculations can be made based on 2D detail drawings.

EcoDesigner Star is the best way to work BIM-based with energy and sustainability certification.


EcoDesigner STAR Workflow

EcoDesigner STAR provides a simple workflow option for doing calculations that are required in connection with sustainability certification such as LEED, BREAM and DGBN.

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