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Experience the project in 1:1



Virtual protypes in full scale

OpenBIM Studio is a completely new way of experiencing construction projects – long before they are realised. OpenBIM Studio results in more informed dialogue processes, design processes and also user-involvement processes, all of which ensure that all parties take ownership of the project. The tool is intended for construction industry professionals, but it is just as relevant for non-professional developers and end-users for whom a realistic experience is much more valuable than flat floor plans, spreadsheets and visualisations.

When a given building is completed, it sometimes turns out that the solutions which the architects and engineers devised, worked much better on paper than they do in reality. Sometimes it is obvious that the solutions have not been tested in model studies, simulated in 3D or just thought through properly. Errors only become obvious when developers and users take over the building – but then it is far too late to alter any fundamental design errors. Large and expensive projects therefore often build mock-ups – model cross-sections in full scale – to ensure that all of the parties understand the proposed solution. OpenBIM Studio creates an early understanding of the project’s qualities and identifies any inexpedient aspects, which the team of consultants have the opportunity to correct before the workmen begin at the construction site.

An it is not only a smal part of the project that is shown – as it’s the case with a mock-up – but the whole project that is presented digitally for validation.

OpenBIM Studio is a 3D cinema with a 180-degree view, which provides an experience of being inside the completed building. It provides an opportunity to try out different design proposals and also to test spatiality, colours and distances – in fact, all the things that must function in the daily lives of the end users.

With OpenBIM Studio we now offer builders, architects and engineers a BIM – based virtual environment to the user, dissemination and validation of construction projects at an early stage . In large complex projects, such as hospitals , laboratories , shopping centers and hotels, there is a need to involve end users in the design process in order to ensure that the project lives up to their needs.

At BIM Equity, we believe that headlines like healing architecture and people-centered design precisely expresses the importance of user involvement on these projects. With OpenBIM Studio is now possible to customize user involvement in scale 1: 1 for each of the stage of a project.

You can buy, rent or lease OpenBIM Studio and buy vouchers to use our OpenBIM Studio. Call or write us for prices for a solution that suits you.


By initiating the proces in  OpenBIM Studio space programmes are validated according to user needs. This reduces the required area with up to 30%.


Nothing is as persuasive as being there yourself and nothing compares to OpenBIM Studio when it comes to communicating solution and the experience of  space.


The building is hardly done before the users criticism hits the advisors. Imagen if the users could have experience the building before it was built…


Time after time carboard models and beautiful visualizations have cheated authorities , neighbours user and developers. It is worthwhile to experience the project in it surroundings before given your approval.



OpenBIM Studio can’t be explained – it has to be experienced. Even a video can’t show how you experience a 3D-model in full scale, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch our video presentation.



During the construction of new laboratories in the existing Panum in Copenhagen, OpenBIM Studio was used for user involvement of researchers , Ph.D. students and other employees who are to become daily users of the facilities.


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