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Solibri is a Finish company founded in 1999 that develops validation and quality assurance software for the construction industry. The company’s products make it possible to analyse design and construction solutions based on BIM models.

In addition, Solibri’s products are used to quantify material quantities and deliver maintenance information after the building is completed.

Finland was one of the earliest countries to begin using BIM and to quickly discover the value of the data that BIM contains – the “I” in BIM. Solibri builds on this tradition and provides simple solutions to complex issues. Solibri’s headquarters are located in Helsinki and their products are distributed in more than 70 countries.

Solibri 04

Solibri Model Checker is the only quality assurance software for BIM. The value of the little program by far exceeds the investment.

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Solibri 02 LIlle

Solibri Model Viewer is a free program that opens IFC filed so the model can be controlled and its informations read.

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Solibri IFC Optimizer reduces the size of IFC files. Nothing else, but that certainly does the job.

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BIMcollab is a web portal for error reports where errors between the BIM programmes are syncronized. A sort of quality assurance of the quality assurance…

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