Tape Measure



Surveying can’t be any easier!

Orthograph delivers a range of mobile survey systems aimed at different segments. Tape Measure is the simplest package for users with small projects and limited requirements for BIM functionality. Like Orthograph’s other products, it is extremely simple to sketch rooms using your fingers on a screen and then add precise measurements and diagonal measurements, so the room is completely correctly represented.

Tape Measure is limited to surveying a maximum of 10 rooms per project and without varying wall thickness. It is perfect for painters and decorators who want quick and accurate overviews of area without paying a lot for the software.

It is still possible to export drawings and 3D-models in several formats, so the information can be reused in other contexts. But with Tape Measure, rooms will most often not be joined in buildings due to the limitations in the number of rooms and the lack of varying wall thicknesses.


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