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BIM plugin for existing total stations

Total4BIMm is software that connects a conventional total station with the BIM programme on a laptop computer. The total station is a manual laser device that is used by surveyors and land surveyors in particular. The measurement points provided by the total station are already in three-dimensions and can therefore be used to build objects in BIM. For Total4BIMm to function, the total station needs to have a wireless Bluetooth connection, which is among the supported products for a range of Leica’s total stations.

With Total4BIMm the total station can be used to model BIM in the same way as Flexijet4BIMm. – You select the tool in ARCHICAD and use the total station to place the elements in the BIM project.

The advantage of using ordinary total stations rather than Flexijet is that they are more powerful and therefore work well outdoors. They are accurate at long distances in daylight and using binoculars you can validate measuring points for inaccessible locations. Unlike Flexijet, ordinary total stations are not motorised and cannot automatically calibrate themselves for a new installation. Neither do they have remote control.



Customers are increasingly asking for BIM, so Danish LIFA Landinspektører (Chartered Surveyors) decided to upgrade their existing total stations with Total4BIMm, which provides a wireless coupling to ARCHICAD so that the BIM project can be modelled on site – directly from the total station’s measurement points.


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