The biggest gains with BIM are found in operation and maintenance

With BIM-based operation, large savings are possible. The BIM models automatically provide overviews of e.g. floor and wall areas, as well as inventories of windows.

Recording the ongoing work of operating the building – or Facility Management – creates an overview of costs, which makes it easier to plan operation in the future, as well as tendering tasks. – When the task in the tender is precisely defined, the tender price often falls by up to 20%.

With long-term budgets the building is maintained in better condition and user satisfaction and savings increase concurrently. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs have spotted the value of a good FM system, which in turn is even more valuable with reliable data derived from BIM models. is a complete cloud-based FM system with different packages of functionality for different user categories. is completely cleansed of 2D drawings and 3D models, as these quickly become outdated. The FM system therefore continuously synchronises with the BIM projects, so both are always up-to-date. If something is corrected in one place, it is also changed in everywhere else.

In the field the only relevant data is often the FM systems, as service employees do not want to have to navigate around a 3D model. You can for example access data on an iPad, which in turn can perhaps access the BIM project in BIMx Pro.

For external workmen and others, Mobile Workorders is a solution for delegating tasks and continuously monitoring progress, as well as obtaining the necessary documentation.

Consolidating all data in one place and ensuring that it is updated saves a lot of time. Tasks which would otherwise be forgotten are remembered by the system, such as inspecting equipment shortly before the warranty period expires. Some building elements must be regularly inspected, while others need to be refurbished at regular intervals. All of this can be planned in’s calendar and the task can also be assigned to the person responsible.

If you need the option of having users report any building errors, a help desk system can be connected so you can e.g. use intranet to create acute damage that must be repaired. can do much more than you think. Contact us for a free demo …


TRUE BIM CAFM SOLUTION WITH CAD INTEGRATION is a complete cloud-based FM system that synchronises directly with the BIM project.


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