Competencies never go out of fashion

You can always learn more! Many professional users only utilise a small part of the features that their software offers. Ironically, they often do not have time to learn how to work more efficiently by utilising the technology in the best possible way.

BIM Equity offers Denmark’s best courses in the use of BIM software, BIM method and the background processes. If you wish to learn specifically about visualisation in Cinema 4D, automated quality assurance, how to set up an FM system or to get a broad understanding of the workflow hidden behind the project’s development from the first sketches to operation and maintenance, then BIM Equity is the right place to get your training.

Our courses are held by experienced professionals in our beautiful premises in Copenhagen – and they include a light breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea. You can also meet BIM Equity’s employees and have a chat about BIM.

Find out more about our courses or get in touch with us if you have suggestions for courses or want to organise tailor-made courses for you or your company. We deliver knowledge – the rest is up to you…

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BIM Equity primarily holds software-specific courses that enable you to work more efficiently by utilising your software programs in the best possible way.


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BIM Equity partners with Nohr-CON to arrange a handful of courses that provide a broad understanding of BIM processes in the construction processes across software platforms and professional boundaries.

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BIM Workflow Guide. BIM Equity has created a series of four books that takes you through the optimal BIM Workflow. Find out more >>



Hvorfor BIM? Hos BIM Equity handler BIM om, at effektivisere og optimere byggeriet, så interessenterne bliver mere profitable.

Hvordan? Ved at mestre den teknologi der gør det hele muligt og ved at sikre en åbenhed og transparens gennem OpenBIM.


Hvis du har specifikke ønsker til kurser eller vil høre mere om hvad der er muligt...