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4 books that will change how you look at BIM

[wpanchor id=”#BIMWF01″] BIM has to lead to profit! Too often we see that the work becomes more expensive when using BIM over 2D CAD. It is often because BIM is not  used from start to finish in all projects and all project phases.

To show the benefits of a full BIM workflow BIM Equity has compiled four books, which goes through a series of stages where BIM makes sense.

The first book is about sketching the project’s inception, advanced design and visualization of the project proposal with the architect.

The second book deals with design, modeling installations, energy calculation and BIM-based laser surveying.

The third book is deals with IFC exchange, project web, coordination and quality assurance as well as the calculation and planning for the contractor.

The fourth and final book deals with BIM-based Facility Management, including delivery and structure for FM data and management of ongoing operations.

The idea is not a long theoretical description of the ideal workflow, but to show how completely practical use of many different programs that can lead the project from first sketch to operation / maintenance via OpenBIM. There’s not that much text, but many illustrations, where one can see examples of how programs used for the appropriate purpose.

The books are sold only as printed copies in A4 format with spiral binding that makes it easy to have the book lying in front of the computer. The books can be purchased individually for kr. 500 (ex. VAT) or total of kr. 1,500 (ex. VAT) + shipping.


How do you to start sketching with BIM? Modelling of terrain, location and volume studies. Advanced modeling and visualization. Setting up the drawings and a bit of graphic smooching.

Featured programmes: ARCHICAD, BIMx, Artlantis, Cinema 4D.


Design and detailing of the project. Details, renovation filters and version control. PDF’s in and out of the BIM project. Modelling of installations, structures, reinforcement and wooden structures for prefab. Energy calculation, sustainability certification and laser surveying.

Programmes: ARCHICAD, MEP Modeler, Eptar Reinforcement, ArchiFrame, EcoDesigner STAR, Flexijet4Bimm and Orthograph.


Coordination, quality and interference checking. Exchange with IFC. “Issue Management” with BCF. Projektweb, quantity extraction, calculation and planning.

Programmes: Solibri Model Checker, ARCHICAD, Revit, BIMcontact, BIMcollab, and SIGMA.


Data for delivery. As-built BIM as IFC. Classification. Import of FM system. Building FM database. Asset Management and scheduled maintenance. Hard and soft FM.

Programmes: ArchiFM, Mobile Workorders og BIMx


Vil du gerne i gang med at lære mere om det perfekte BIM-workflow? Så køb BIM Equitys 4 bøger med det samme.

Price per book: DKkr. 500

Price for all 4 books: DKkr. 1.500

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